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Amanda Dickinson - Director

Amanda Dickinson / Director

Amanda graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1990 with a First Class Honours Degree and began her training as a Law Cost Draftsmen shortly thereafter, being very much encouraged and mentored by her late father-in-law, District Judge Eric Dickinson. She subsequently became an Associate of the Association of Law Cost Draftsmen and has over 25 years’ experience in the field of costs. She is able to deal with all types of costs claims, both between the parties and publicly funded, but specialises in civil negotiations and complex VHCC cases. She is responsible for on-going training in respect of legal aid matters and also undertakes in-house training for clients. Whilst working full-time she has completed a second degree in Psychology (just for fun!) and is a voluntary counsellor.

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Patrick Rabbitte - Director

Patrick Rabbitte / Director

Patrick is Amanda’s Co-Director. He is a skilled Costs Lawyer with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. As a Costs Lawyer he is regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board, and is a member of the Association of Costs Lawyers. He specialises in all civil matters and is often involved drawing complex clinical negligence and Brain Injury cases, attending Detailed Assessment hearings and undertaking settlement negotiations. Over the last couple of years he also has been involved in preparing Costs Budgets. He is responsible for staff training in respect of civil matters. He enjoys both playing and watching most sports.

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Gavin Doody - Cost Draftsman

Gavin Doody / Cost Draftsman

Gavin joined Dickinson and Rabbitte Ltd soon after their formation in 1994, having previously worked with the Directors at a national firm of Law Costs Draftsmen. His experience includes drawing Bills of Costs, Schedules and Statements of costs; preparing Points of Dispute and Replies to Points of Dispute whilst managing a large caseload. He has extensive experience in negotiating settlement of costs, obtaining default costs certificates, requesting provisional assessment hearings / detailed assessment hearings and finalising all matters thereafter. He regularly prepares and advises upon costs budgets, as well as advising with regards to the challenges to be made to opponent’s costs budgets. Gavin frequently prepares substantial bills of costs in large multi-track claims often involving multiple parties and has recently concluded a multi-Claimant action for over £1/2 million. Gavin has experience of working in-house at client offices and is familiar with working from paperless files.

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Norman Garden - Cost Draftsman

Norman Garden / Cost Draftsman

Norman graduated from Sheffield University with an Honours Degree in Law. He subsequently spent a year at the College of Law in Chester and passed all heads of the Law Society’s Solicitors’ Final Examination in July 1992. He began working as a Costs Draftsman in November 1992 and joined Dickinson & Rabbitte in May 1995. Norman has over 20 years of experience in the costs industry. He specialises in drawing and negotiating Bills of Costs in multi-track cases, including preparation of Replies to Points of Dispute and all steps through to assessment as required, managing his own caseload. Norman also has experience in challenging Opponents’ Bills of Costs, including preparation of Points of Dispute. In addition, he has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating Costs Budgets, including challenging Opponents’ Costs Budgets.

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Nataliya Cahoon-Dutta - Cost Draftsman

Nataliya Cahoon-Dutta / Cost Draftsman

Nataliya graduated from Sofia University, Bulgaria with a degree in Law. She was admitted as a solicitor in Sofia Law Society, Bulgaria in 2002 and was subsequently admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales Law Society on 15 January 2009. She also completed a Masters in Law with Nottingham Law School and was awarded a Commendation. She joined Dickinson and Rabbitte as a costs draftsman in 2004. In 2011 she moved to Weightmans LLP as a solicitor in their costs team. Her experience includes drawings Bills of Costs, Schedules and Statements of costs; preparing Points of Disputes and Replies to Points of Dispute, whilst managing large caseload. Nataliya has experience in challenging opponent’s costs re EL, disease, PL. She has experience in preparing requests for detailed assessment hearings, obtaining default costs certificates and advocacy at detailed assessment hearings. She has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating costs budgets as well as drafting challenge statements regarding the opponent’s costs budgets.

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Elaine Betts - Cost Draftsman

Elaine Betts / Cost Draftsman

Elaine has worked for Dickinson & Rabbitte as a Cost Draftsman since 1996, and has the flexibility of being able to cost any type of case. She specialises in between the parties PI cases including drafting Bills of Costs and Schedules, undertaking negotiations and the preparation of Replies/Points of Dispute and preparing documents for Detailed and Provisional Assessments. She also has extensive experience of publicly funded matters including the preparation of High Cost Case Plans and Judicial Review Bills of Costs. Her experience includes preparing Bills of Costs and High Cost Case Plans from Solicitors’ paperless files and she has often worked in-house when required on Solicitors’ own paperless systems. Outside of work, Elaine is an eternal optimist, supporting the England football team both home and abroad.

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Cheryl Lowe - Cost Draftsman

Cheryl Lowe / Cost Draftsman

Cheryl has worked within the legal profession for over 20 years in Legal Aid Costing, Solicitors Accounts, and Financial Management roles. She has extensive experience in the process of submitting claims the Legal Aid Agency and dealing with their on-line systems, including CCMS. Cheryl joined Dickinson & Rabbitte in October 2014 as a Costs Draftsman and especially enjoys legally aided work in childcare and family matters. Outside of work Cheryl has a keen interest in baking and loves competing in triathlons.

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Abi Lambton  - Cost Draftsman

Abi Lambton / Cost Draftsman

Abi graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2011 with a First Class Degree in English and Creative Writing. She joined Dickinson and Rabbitte in 2012 after spending a summer teaching English as a Foreign Language. Although initially trained in legal aid only, it quickly became clear that Abi was extremely competent and she was soon fast-tracked to deal with high value civil matters. As the youngest member of the costing team Abi has worked hard to learn quickly and to ensure that the standard of her work matches that of the more experienced members of the team. When she isn’t at her desk, she enjoys reading, writing short stories, playing classical guitar and live music. She is currently learning Finnish.

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Bruce Foster - Cost Draftsman

Bruce Foster / Cost Draftsman

After 23 successful and varied years involved in finance, IT and Marketing, within the Electricity Supply Industry, Bruce took advantage of a severance package to pursue a new direction in 1994. He re-trained as a cost draftsman, with a national costing company, unsure at the time where it would lead to. He initially freelanced for the company he trained with then joined the Dickinson & Rabbitte in early 1997 on a freelance basis. Originally trained in all aspects of civil costing, in recent years he has specialised in family matters adapting to the ever changing and challenging environment that it has become.

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Sharon Woodier - Cost Draftsman

Sharon Woodier / Cost Draftsman

Sharon joined Dickinson and Rabbitte back in 1997 as an Administrator and has invaluable IT skills. It quickly became apparent that she had an excellent eye for detail and a keen interest in the bill preparation and she subsequently changed roles to become a Cost Draftsman, working primarily with legal aid cases. In her spare time Sharon is a Flight Sergeant at her local RAF Air Cadets unit; she is a qualified Youth First Aid Instructor and also enjoys reading and the occasional cup of hot chocolate.

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Mary & Paula - Office Administrators

Mary & Paula / Office Administrators

Mary and Paula share the role of office administrator and are invaluable in ensuring the efficient and smooth running of our busy office.

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Cass & Conor - The New Generation

Cass & Conor / The New Generation

We now have a second generation of Dickinson & Rabbitte, with Cass Dickinson undertaking admin cover and Conor Rabbitte training to be a Law Cost Draftsman. whilst continuing his University studies. Hopefully they will continue to progress within the company and allow us to retire one day – although we are not intending to do so anytime soon!